Mike (aka Terrible Ted) Poulson. '84 242ti

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Terrible Ted
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Mike (aka Terrible Ted) Poulson. '84 242ti

Post by Terrible Ted » Wed May 12, 2004 4:29 pm

Name: Michael Poulson
Vehicle: 1984 Volvo 242 GLT intercooler
Engine: B230ft (2.3 L turbo 8 valve 4 cyl.) Factory K grind performance cam.
Injection: Port, stock manifold & rail. Bosch (Volvo) 33#/Hr lo Z injectors.
Description: Springs cut 2 coils. Billsteins. Cetus rims with Gill Racing spacers.

Running Megasquirt ‘n’ spark. My daily driver. Fast at 3 psi! Just started really tuning it. One autox so far. Ran the same times as a few BMWs’ and a turbo Miatta. Not bad. Water injection will be installed this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be up to 13-14 psi. before the water goes in. I started on just Megasquirt and ran it for two weeks. After I felt it was in good tune, I ditched the ignition system. So far, very good. Gas mileage has gone up considerably, as has torque. Hopefully, the water/alky will give me more of the same! Eventually, I’d like to run staged injection, One set for fuel, the other, for water.
'84 Volvo 242ti Megasquirt 'n' spark

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