Sebastien, 1965 Volvo 121

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Sebastien, 1965 Volvo 121

Post by sebch » Thu Sep 15, 2005 3:38 am

Name: Sébastien
Vehicle: 1965 Volvo 121 (Amazon)
Engine: 2.0 L straight four. The engine comes from a 1974 volvo 144 with Bosch K-Jet (mechanical) injection.
Injection: Port injection, 18.3 lbs/h (at 36.3 psi) yellow bosch injectors from an Alfa 90 (2.0L as well); Stock fuel rail; Stock K-Jet manifold with minor mods to accomodate the TPS; Bosch fuelpump without surge tank.
Description: The car was originally powered by a B18A (1.8L single carb), then got a B20B (2.0L dual SU, 100 hp DIN) that would burn gas as hell... The B20E (injection) has a rised CR (10.5:1), a better flowing head and 120 hp DIN. It's a bolt on conversion in the Amazon. Together with the O/D tranny (also from a 144) and the stock (long) diff, I expect a max speed of 200 kph instead of 180 with dual carbs and less than 160 with the original engine. What is now also valuable is the fuel economy I get with MS: 20-25% less compared to the dual carbs...

In a word: I have built the Amazon that Volvo alas never wanted to build...

Still needs to come: in-tank pump with a surge tank as the pump gets no gas in hard left turns when the tanks is half full and below, better tuning and i'd like to use 12x12 fuel tables to get even a better mileage... For now, I'll be out of MS for some time due to a new job in Africa, but i'll be back in the move as soon as i come back to Europe!

No website so far, but this will probably come in the future! Feel free to contact me if you are squirting an Amazon or a 144, though...

Thanks a lot to the whole MS community for all the help I got!!

Cheers, Séb
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