saab c900 T8 Megasquirted!

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saab c900 T8 Megasquirted!

Postby Saab-Daniel » Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:17 am

So, it finally runs, and it runs very well!
For those of you who don't know the car, it's a classic saab 900 Turbo 8v from 1983, with mechanical injection-system. Purchased a MS ver. 2.2 and build it my self back in late 2005.
After running the car for around a year as ignition only, I decided to take the step to complete control, thereby adding fuel to the equation.
The inlet manifold was modded to take the electronic injectors and a temporary fuel-rail was added! I'm getting a new one custom-made, the one on the car now holds up fine, but looks like crap, and isn't of the best quality. But it works.
Pic of the manifold accepting the bosch injectors:

The old manifold removed from the car:

Stainless steel fuel and oil-hoses:

And a small video of the car on the first start-up: ... 9236&hl=en

I've altered the mapping a bit, it's idling better now, and I've got a proper airfilter on the car.

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