1967 Volvo 122 - MS1 with GM TBI and HEI

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1967 Volvo 122 - MS1 with GM TBI and HEI

Post by Nashco » Thu May 21, 2009 1:15 pm

I haven't done any tuning yet, but it drove out of the garage under its own power so I figured I'd put the details up.

- '67 Volvo 122S Wagon with original B18 engine
- MS1 with V2.2 board, MSExtra, and mods for HEI
- '75 240 distributor with VR sensor in place of the original points-style distributor (bolts into the B18 and has VR sensor in it from the factory)
- GM 8 pin ignition module and coil pack
- Custom intake manifold made from steel scraps I had laying around and some mandrel bends
- GM single barrel TBI from a Buick Skyhawk (or something like that) with 2.0L engine, including fuel lines and air cleaner housing
- Fuel pump from an 80's Ford truck (external unit with handy isolators and mounting bracket)
- DIYAutoTune wiring harness
- Relay board
- Spark plug anti-fouler used for O2 bung
- GM Coolant temp sensor screwed into port on the front of the head that previously had a plate capping it off, took a 3/8" NPT tap almost perfectly

I had nearly all of this stuff laying around, so if it seems like an odd combination of parts that might help explain things. I have about $200 into the conversion, not counting stuff I had laying around from past projects. The big driver for doing this was to get rid of the finicky carb and points and use some dormant MS stuff I had laying around. Now she can drive the Volvo without having to remember all the tricks to getting it to start in the hot/cold/whatever, just turn the key and it starts right up! I'll try to get some pictures and update with my tune/settings soon.


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Re: 1967 Volvo 122 - MS1 with GM TBI and HEI

Post by Franky » Sat May 23, 2009 6:44 am

Can you post some pictures of your setup? It sounds pretty good. I've got a 65 122S that is in a lot of pieces, so inspiration is required. Thanks.

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