Fredrik Yman, 1989 Saab/9000 Talladega

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Fredrik Yman, 1989 Saab/9000 Talladega

Postby Marsupilami » Sun Jul 18, 2004 4:37 pm

Name: Fredrik Yman
Vehicle: 1989 Saab 9000 Talladega
Engine: 2 liters (1985cc) 16V I4 Turbocharged, Everything below headgasket is stock, stable for 500+bhp anyway =) But the rest is modified. The turbo is a Garret T03/04B hybrid capable of about 400bhp. Ported short-block cylinderhead. 3" JT-Tuning exhaust all the way. Lightened 240mm-clutch flywheel from 2.3T -93.
Injection: Injectors are only 346ccm@3bar (9000 2.3T -92) but soon to be replaced, inlet manifold is from a -96 9000 Aero. FPR is 3.8 bar from some porsche.
Description: All bushings and other worn-out parts are replaced with either new original or better stuff, Suspension is done with H&R coilover-kit. Brakes are stock but 322mm Porsche 996TT discs will be fitted as soon as I find some matching calippers.
Website: and (Both in Swedish only)
Saab 9000 Talladega -89 running MSnS-E/WheelDecoder

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