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Doug Kauer, 1982 Volvo 242TI

Posted: Fri Jul 23, 2004 9:44 am
by doug242ti
Name: Doug Kauer

Vehicle: 1982 Volvo 242TI

Engine: B23FT, decked, oring, shaved and ported head. 9.2:1CR. Holset HY35W, Tial 38mm gate, NPR IC, K15 Enem Cam (298* duration, 13.2mm lift)

Description: Ran a v1.1 board for over a year, spun my way to a 13.6 @ 106 at 14psi. 2.5+ 60' times. 3 more passes would have broke 12's. Tuned up to 20psi just controlling fuel. Used an MSD6al+ BTM for spark. Worked ok. Using 56lb/hr Lucas injectors, 4bar FPR and an wideband.

Switched to MS'S, firing a MSD7al-2. Working great thus far.