Gary Wilsons 480 Turbo 1995

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Gary Wilsons 480 Turbo 1995

Postby volvoRsport » Tue Nov 30, 2004 6:54 am

hi guys ,

gary is a customer of mine and i fitted MS to his 480 turbo to supplement the ported head and reprofiled cam . At an early stage we devised that Just using MS for fuel would be sufficient and keeping the EZK for ignition since it learns itself and has boost retard function to save engine damage . It ran first time after a few teething probs with the EZK which we modified to give more advance to give better throttle response .

heres a VID of the car starting up first time :

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Re: Gary Wilsons 480 Turbo 1995

Postby kellis1980 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:02 am


Im currently working on a project using the B18FT engine out of the volvo 400 series. The standard ECU is damaged and i was thinking of replacing it with a Megasquirt unit can you recomend which unit is best for the application and how did you intergrate the EZ unit.

Any help would be great


Kieron Ellis

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