1995-99 Eclipse RS 420a Chrysler (neon) eng. Fuel n Spark

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1995-99 Eclipse RS 420a Chrysler (neon) eng. Fuel n Spark

Post by MegaSquirtPR_com » Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:29 pm

Running really good with the MS control.

Using the two VB921s to control Spark.

Eclipse RS/NT 420a Chrysler engine with a t04e Turbonetics turbo and all usual mods...

Ran a really nice 350hp to the weels at 20psi, daily driver. :shock:

Thanks to all the good guys that helped on this MS install :RTFM:, James, Matt and the rest of the 420a gang!!!

Reconfiguring and doing maintenance and going 850cc now to see if I can reach the 450hp for Christmas :) (turbo only).

- JL
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ms base map

Post by nikotmt » Thu Aug 23, 2007 9:38 pm

im looking for a base map for the same application that you are running or well at least in 09 -06 any way you could email me your msq filesi got a 420a bored .020 8.2:1 comp crane street track cams and have hopes of about 30 psi got 850 injectors and a 90 mm throttle body need a base map that will atleast get it running at least idle runnin a msI ver 2.2 any help would be greatly apperciated thanks tim :D

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