Daniel Osburn '87 mitsu starion (conquest)

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Daniel Osburn '87 mitsu starion (conquest)

Post by A_True_Enthusiast » Sat Oct 13, 2007 4:10 pm

I just got my car to fire for the first time today.. :yeah!: .. I converted the g54b to MPI and wasted spark with a home made intake and using DSM timing and ignition... I have the 4/2 cas, using MSnS extra 029y4 on a V3 board... running 43 lb/hr injectors from a Non-turbo RX7, and coils and ignitors from the DSM also... here's my cardomain http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2265684

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Re: Daniel Osburn '87 mitsu starion (conquest)

Post by lester » Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:52 am

Hi I saw you had success with MS. I am planning for MPI conversion soon with MS. I am reading up all I can on the msefi as well as all Starion MPI related information. Will you reckon the stock harness or at least some parts of it will work with the MS V3.57 SMD board? I am using a 89 Starion engine with a small 16G on a Pajero. Will I be able to get it to work with stock distributor? I have got the following with me now:

Magna intake done by Chad with 1/2" spacer at intake flange
4 x 75LB Delphi injectors
Magna fuel rail
Mustang thottle body with 1/2" spacer and TPS
MS V3.57 SMD board
Simulator board
DB37 connector with long harness, computer cable
Fuel regulator
Very messed up wiring harness with fuses, connectors and relays.

I guess with the above set up I cannot control the ignition part, or can I? I am trying to understand everything fully before I start working on it. Cos it's a daily driver and can't afford too much down time. Thanks.

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