89 Suzuki Sierra (Samurai)

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89 Suzuki Sierra (Samurai)

Post by Metalfab_101 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:48 pm

This has been in the works for a while, but it's finally running.

Vehicle: 1989 SJ50 Suzuki Sierra
ECU: MegaSquirt v2.2, with flyback board running MSnSE 029q
Engine: Suzuki G13

Running fuel only at the moment.

On the inlet side I am using a manifold from a 1.6 8v Vitara (Sidekick) which is a bolt on for the G13 head. Interestingly the ports on the Vitara manifold seem to be a lot closer in size than the stock manifold. The stock Fidle solenoid is also utilised.

Fuel is provided by an in-tank pump donated by an RX7. Stock fuel pump has been removed and replaced with a blocking plate.

Exhaust manifold is stock Sierra, and has a heated o2 sensor, donated from some import Nissan, screwed into it. The stock manifold has no port tapped for an o2 sensor, but the casting has a 'nub' for this purpose, and was drilled and tapped to suit.

I have it wired using the B&G relay board. Home made cable between the MS and relay board, with the ECU mounted on the firewall under the dash.

For setup i cheated :twisted: and used the MSQ that Mad Max posted up here. It started and drove quite OK with these settings, and I have not played with them much yet. So far I have found that my TPS calibration didn't stick, but since sorting that it runs quite nicely. It needs a little work on accel enrichment off idle (bogs down when you flatten it) but other than that is OK.

IAT sensor



Exhaust manifold



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Post by kkelleynv » Wed Nov 14, 2007 3:49 am

I have a stock normally aspirated 96-98 1600 16V w/ MFI and Ignition running MSII V3, in my 87 Samurai. I'm just starting to tune. Any numbers you might have for a starting point would be a big help and greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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