Mitsubishi 4G54 Turbo powered Sigma

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Mitsubishi 4G54 Turbo powered Sigma

Post by Billsy » Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:04 am

stock australian 2.6L 4G54 with sigma turbo exhaust manifold and magna EFI manifold with Ford Throttlebody
ebay T04e turbo
450x300x76 intercooler
nissan CA18DET injectors

MS1 msns extra firmware v29
using magna dizzy and coil running direct from MS
road tuned only then made 281hp (209kw) at 18 PSI at a dyno day

using all mitsubishi OEM parts and sensors
recently purchased 800cc ultimate racing injectors
and 4bar MAP sensor and T70 turbo to be installed soon :D

had a few issues getting the ign sorted but once worked out its all good.
getting a little spark breakdown on boost over 18psi but id expect that from std plug gap and coil.
ive still got to get some dyno time to fix up the fuel mixtures but ive sorted most of it now that ive got a wideband O2.
the rears lifted off the back roller on the dyno which is the dip in the chart
Mitsubishi Sigma 2.6L 4G54 EFI Turbo

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