1986 Mitsubishi Starion EDIS

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1986 Mitsubishi Starion EDIS

Post by jahjahsqc » Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:43 am

I've got a 1986 Starion that i converted from the Fuel injection pro fuel and ignition controllers.

Now running a ms2 3.0 with ms2extra 2.1.0

EDIS is fantastic, if you are thinking about installing MS on a starion. step 1 get rid of distributor. step 2 install EDIS.

I've had some good luck with alot of the base settings and getting maps that were posted on Starquestclub.com. VE analyze from MLV has gotten the car running pretty darn smooth. Going to dyno tune sometime in the next few weeks and incrase back to 18psi that i was running before.

I had some trouble going from the FIP system, which was distributor based and had an MSD 6AL and tach adapter wired in, to the MS2. I tried using the distributor and the MSD, no luck. I tried direct coil control, no luck. I'm sure i could have stuck with it and figured something out, but a good friend gave me a set of the EDIS stuff. I had a friend take the stock crank pulley and cut and pressed the trigger wheel on the front and got a bracket off ebay for the VR sensor. I shimmed the sensor out some and that was pretty much it. once i got EDIS on the car it was running within a few days.

this was a huge learning process but i'd like to think i picked up on things pretty quickly. I still need to work on my Accel Enrichments, but other than that everythign is going real smooth

Thanks Russ at DIY and PSU_CRASH/Cregg/BOHO/everyone else at SQC for all the help

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