1983 GTM Coupe with stock Toyota 4A-GE

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1983 GTM Coupe with stock Toyota 4A-GE

Post by pantera2075 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:17 am

According to USPS my MS1 has been delivered in from the states this morning! (3 days from order to arrival in the UK, then 5 days in UK customs :evil: :x )

Anyway, reason for squirt is the new engine - the GTM originally had a 1275cc Leyland A-series mid mounted. A 19 second 1/4 last year made we want another power plant, so in goes the 4A-GE.

It's quite a big job in addition to the squirting: chassis mods to the rear of the car, huge rear subframe mods because of the shape of the engine, sump mods, jointing 2 different driveshafts, entire wiring loom swap, including dashboard, and last weekend saw me chopping up the fuel tank to insert the new pump, and exhaust manifold mods to clear the bulkhead, and there's still loads to do.

Anyway, I can't use the original dizzy because it will hit the bulkhead, and I might as well go for fuel control as well.

Later, the plan is to get hold of a GZE lump and go supercharged. The car is around 650kg all up, so i'm hoping to get down into the 13's eventually.

Phil (Midlands UK)

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