Audi 80 2.6 liters v6 1993 mod

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Audi 80 2.6 liters v6 1993 mod

Post by 357supermagnum » Fri Dec 25, 2009 9:07 pm

the engine code is ABC.
The engine is stock.

The items i have is:

Megasquirt II , 3.0 Main Board, set up for Hall sensor and dual MAP sensors installed. It is also set up to drive a MSD 6AL ignition.
MSD 6AL ignition ( optional, dont know if the distributor can handle the extra voltage )
MSD blaster coil
standard injectors ( i need data on those, can anyone help ? )
standard sensors
standard dizzy
standard fuel rail
standard TPS/throttlebody
4 MSD 72 lb/hr injectors, rated for alcohol. ( optional, will be used if i can get my hands on a flex-fuel sensor)
Innovate LC-1 Digital Wideband Controller with wideband O2 sensor.
DIY autotune relay card with cable to MS box.

I want to obtain the correct ECU connectors, 16 pin double row, 14 pin double row, so i can use the standard sensors and the standard connector.
this is because if something goes wrong with the MS2 box, it is possible to just plug it out and replace it with the standard one.

Does anyone have any data on the standard CLT/IAT sensors ?

a msq file to use for base tuning is also good.
I want to run fuel and ignition.

any opinions ?

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