VW Mk4 Golf AGU 1.8 20v Turbo

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VW Mk4 Golf AGU 1.8 20v Turbo

Post by Mad Professor » Sun May 23, 2010 1:26 am

Good day all.

As the title says, I am MegaSquirting a VW Mk4 Golf AGU 1.8 20v Turbo engine for a converion.

I am looking at using as much of the stock engine as possible, Injectors, COPs, sensors, ect.

I am going to be using a MegaSquirt 2 with the lastest MS2-Extra firmware, and using the v3.0 pcb.
The megasquirt unit has had alot of extra added to support this engine, four coil drivers, pwm idle out, boost control, tacho out, 2nd trigger input (hall) for cam.

I am still at the stage of collecting as much info as possible.

The following data I have been able to find using google, manuals, autodata, ect.

Bore: 81.00 mm
Stroke: 86.40 mm
Displacement: 1781 cc

Compression ratio: 9.30:1

Maximum power: 148.0 bhp @ 5700 rpm
Maximum torque: 155 ft·lb @ 1750 rpm

Engine Make: Volkswagen
Engine Model: Golf (Mk4)
Engine Code: AGU

Engine Idle: 860+/-60rpm.

Engine Redline (Rev Limiter):

Stock Peak Boost:

Injector Make: VW / Audi / Bosch
Injector Model: VW 06A 906 031 (Bosch 0 280 150 464)
Injector Flow Rate: 258cc/min @ 3bar.

Coil Pack Make: VW / Audi / Bosch
Coil Pack Model: VW 058 905 105 (Bosch 0 040 100 013)

Thottle Body Make: VW / Audi / VDO
Thottle Body Model: 06A 133 063 G (408.237/212/007)

Crank Sensor Make:
Crank Sensor Model:

Cam Sensor Make:
Can Sensor Model:

Boost Control Valve Make:
Boost Control Valve Model:
Boost Control Valve Freq:

Knock Sensor Make :
Knock Sensor Model :

Air Temperature Sensor Make :
Air Temperature Sensor Model :

Coolent Temperature Sensor Make :
Coolent Temperature Sensor Model :

Air and Coolent temperature sensor data taken from AutoData 3.24

000c: 5000-6500 ohm.
010c: 3400-4400 ohm.
020c: 2300-3000 ohm.
030c: 1500-2000 ohm.
040c: 0900-1400 ohm.
050c: 0690-0925 ohm.
060c: 0525-0670 ohm.
070c: 0390-0500 ohm.
080c: 0275-0375 ohm.
090c: 0200-0290 ohm.
100c: 0140-0210 ohm.

I have been bench testing a few of the parts from the engine.

Here is the coil charge time vs voltage for the COPs (Coil On Plugs)

VW 058 905 105 (Bosch 0 040 100 013)
15.00 Volts = 02.75ms Dwell.
14.50 Volts = 02.90ms Dwell.
14.00 Volts = 03.05ms Dwell.
13.50 Volts = 03.20ms Dwell.
13.00 Volts = 03.45ms Dwell.
12.50 Volts = 03.60ms Dwell.
12.00 Volts = 03.95ms Dwell.
11.50 Volts = 04.30ms Dwell.
11.00 Volts = 04.55ms Dwell.
10.50 Volts = 04.85ms Dwell.
10.00 Volts = 05.55ms Dwell.
09.50 Volts = 06.40ms Dwell.
09.00 Volts = 07.80ms Dwell.
08.50 Volts = 08.35ms Dwell.
08.00 Volts = 10.00ms Dwell.
07.50 Volts = 10.70ms Dwell.
07.00 Volts = 11.60ms Dwell.
06.50 Volts = 12.90ms Dwell.

So a cranking Dwell of 4.0-4.5.
and a running Dwell of 3.0-3.1.

The crank trigger is a 60-2 patten, but yet to confirm the trigger angle.

The cam trigger have 4 slots two big and two small, I don't know if this is compatible with the current MS2Extra firmware.


If there are any errors can you please let me know.

Any info you can give me would be so helpfull.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.

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