S10 LT1 V8 Turbo w/EDIS-8

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S10 LT1 V8 Turbo w/EDIS-8

Post by 89jyturbo » Sat Sep 08, 2007 12:53 pm

This is a friends truck, and it was my first MS project. We have it running very well, but I need to get it back to do some fine tuning. I'm also anxious to get some drag strip passes with it, but we need to do some suspension work first.

1990 S10
LT1 V8 from 96 Trans-Am
T56 6-speed
T66 Turbo
42# Injectors

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Re: S10 LT1 V8 Turbo w/EDIS-8

Post by forty6caddy » Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:38 pm

I always wanted to do what Chevy should have done from the factory...glad to see you turbo ed a sbc!
I have a 46 Caddy with a MS. I know very little about MS except it seems like the perfect ECU for a non stock app.
I have a 55 Chevy PU that I have been accumulating engine parts for...two .63 TO4s, stainless headers, BOVs, wastegates etc.
I WOULD LOVE TO PICK YOUR BRAIN. Maybe even see your setup. I am in PA too. What MS should I use? Is EDIS or HEI or COP the way to go? The learning curve seems tremendous but worthwhile but I would like to start on the right foot.
Thanks for any help. MIKE

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