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Brad Joel, 1968 Chevelle

Posted: Wed May 05, 2004 9:51 am
by TT350chevelle
Name: Brad Joel

Vehicle: 1968 Chevelle

Engine: Homebuilt 357cid V8, 3.50 stroke Eagle 4340 steel crank,Eagle SIR 5.7 rods,TRW forged turbo pistons,Dart 180cc heads, 68cc chamber, angle plug heads,Engle Mech turbo cam # TCS-5,1.6 ratio rockers and ARP studs for mains and heads.

Drive Train: Homebuilt 350 turbo trans with a 10" TCS torque convertor, 12 bolt chevy with 3.30-1 gears, full street trim including complete exhaust and interior.(actual weight= 3808lbs)

Power Adder: Homebuilt Twinturbo, Intercooled setup using stock Garrett T3’s and an IC core purchased on ebay.(.60 A/R Comp and .63A/R Turbine)

Injection: Homebuilt MPI Power+Plus Crosswind intake (part#52026), 50lbs/hr Siemens Deka injectors, throttlebody was made from an old Holley 650 DP and a Ford TPS.

Ignition:Used a homebuilt crank trigger setup and a Hall Effect Sensor from Digikey so that I can have ignition control with the Megasquirt-N-Spark code.

Description:Initial “startup” was in Oct/2003 and tuning will continue as soon as the fuel system mods are finished (adding a second pump to meet fuel demands) but boost will “likely” be moderate until I can build the PWC.

Website:Some pics here for anybody interested

Big “THANK YOU” to Bruce and Al for making this project possible! and to all the excellent members that help make Megasquirt what it is today!

As tuning continues, performance updates will be added.

Finally ran the Chevelle

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 7:27 pm
by TT350chevelle
Well it's been along time since my original post but I finally ran the old Chevelle at our local tack.The turbos were set @12 psi and ignition timing at a moderate 24 degrees.Launching with 6 psi of boost resulted in a tire spinning 1.62 60ft and a run of 11.15@121.64mph... the trans was left in drive and shifts occurred at 5100 rpm (turbos are to small for any more rpm) Not bad for a 3800 lb car with 3.30 gears !
Alot of people were surprised to see me using a DIY EFI controller and were very interested to hear more about this "Megasquirt thing"..LOL
It was alot of fun (even though I had a .493 redlight in the first round) and I know 10's are just around the corner with alittle more tuning 8) ... Ya just gotta love it! :D

Brad J.
PS: Future plans will include upgrading the turbo's compressors to allow the desired 6000rpm and improvements to the rear suspension to try and hook up the new found power.I have attached a pic but you must log in to see it.

EDIT: New best June1/08 I took the old chevelle to the track this weekend and with the turbos running at 19 psi of boost ran a 10.46@133.66! :yeah!: If I could build a little boost at the line and improve traction this old chevy would break into the nines... gotta love it!

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2007 2:26 pm
by aknovaman
i'm building a ZZ383 with twin t4'S. Got any ignition suggestions?

Re: Brad Joel, 1968 Chevelle

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:45 am
by overdrive39
Very nice work. I loved the idea of adapting the Corvette rotors to the Chevelle hubs very cool. I have a 68 Chevelle and will use this idea.