1975 MKII escort RS2000 2.0 ltr pinto turbo with 261.2BHP

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1975 MKII escort RS2000 2.0 ltr pinto turbo with 261.2BHP

Post by casper002 » Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:16 pm

Hi people.
just a quick one to get started here.
i have a 1975 p reg ford escort rs2000 with a 2.0 ltr seira efi engine in that i have over the last 3 years ago converted it to run megaquirt.

i am currently using the MS1 2.2 with the relay board and 029v.

my engines internals have been upped a little with mahl pistons ARP conrod bolts and high capacity high preasure oil pump with fully synthetic oil to keep it lubed up.

I am abviously using the injection head with the pear shaped inlets and the head has been ported to hell with the biggest valves i could get in it,
But i am using a deck plate to lower my compression ratio down to 8.2 : 1
how i did this is to use two payne head gaskets and a sheet of steel that is .75 mm thick in the shape of the gasket.
and this works quite well actualy, and i am using a standard efi camshaft too.
i then have used the bottom pulley off a 1.8 cvh siera as this has the 36-1 tooth wheel disk on, and with the siera cosqworth sump that has the craank position sensor on it the sensor for the disk fits to the sump nicely.
so youv sussed that i am also using the edis 4 setup that i got from a ford mondeo.So with doing this my distributor now has no real use apart from running the auxiliry pulley, so i decided to chop the distributor part off so its nice and tidy.
the injectors i am using are the dark green 803's that many people fit to the cosworths that have got a flow rate of 392cc/min i think.
But i am after some bigger ones to fit to run a higher boost in time to come.
the coolant sensor is the standard efi one but i have had to use the manifold air temprature from the cosworth, but i did get away with using the siera efi's throttle boddy with no problems at all.
my fuel pump is that off a m3 bmw efi i think and just got it off ebay, but what i have done if fitted a fuel preasure guage inside the car to minitor fuel preasure levels.
and up to now it's set at 3.5 barr on tickover and when i drive moderatly its then at about 4 barr and when your up in boost its then up to 5 barr.
The turbo i am using is a t04e or a t3/t4, it is a big laggy where there is no boost under 2700 but when you have the pedal to the floor then as soon as you hit 3000 your at take off, yeee haaaaa.
i do have a blead valve fitted inside the car where when it's turned off my max boost is set at 12 psi, then when its cranked open i can set it from 12 all the way up to 27 psi if i want, but the most it has been taken to for now is 19 psi. this is where its pussing 261.2.
when its set to 14 psi its doing 238.6 and i do have the print out from the rolling road too.

So basicaly this is a basic success story of my car,although its taken me 3 years to do this. And still now i am tinkering about with it every day or so to get it just that little big more better.
In the next weeks or so i intend to connect my water injection up to the ecu and if all goes well then i intend to run it up to about 22 psi and hope that i might be able to get that magic 300 bhp mark.

i am sorry i havent included any pictures in this thread but if there is much interest i will certainly give you some pictures to show you what and how i did it.

ohh and my gearbox is a standard t75 from a ford siera but i am using the ford capri axle that i have chopped town by 3 inches overall so i can still use the 205X60X13's in the wheel arch and at the moment i havent got a limmy fitted to it but using the 3.44 ratio diff.

my top speed at 6150 was 151mph and beleive me thats fast for an old car. and also my 0 - 60 when i can get the traction is 5.7 seconds.

i hope this info helps some people but i hope to be back with some pictures.

many thanx

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Re: 1975 MKII escort RS2000 2.0 ltr pinto turbo with 261.2BHP

Post by curtisbenjamin » Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:29 pm

Hi , my name is Curtis Im from Trinidad, presently am engaged in the same project, mkII, sierra efi modifed with trw pistons, crower rods, cam technique turbo cam, 8:1 com, to4e turbo, ms v3,dizzy trigger
hoping to run about 20psi boost, 550cc injectors, any tips to get ahead

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