Ford 351C XD Falcon (Australian) MSExtra

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Ford 351C XD Falcon (Australian) MSExtra

Post by hybrid » Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:33 pm

We have successfully MS'd an Australian XD Ford Falcon with a 351 Cleveland V8.

We're using a hand built MS 2.2 board with MsExtra Mods for ignition.
Due to a lack of VR circuitry in the V2.2, we decided on using the GM 7pin HEI module for ignition.

It was a pretty simple setup.
- Follow the setup in the MsExtra manuals for hardware mods, software mods, and wiring.
- Lock distributor advance and replaced rivets with screws for adjusting the VR pips.
- Set engine to 20 BTDC and line up the Rotor Button with the centre of High Voltage post for #1 Cyl
- Tighten distributor lock
- Set engine to 10 BTDC and line up pips
MS built and tested.
Probably use Microsquirt instead.
Application: RZ500 V4 2 Stroke custom project.

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