Andrew, 1980 Ford escort RS2000

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Andrew, 1980 Ford escort RS2000

Post by rs2000 » Wed Jun 29, 2005 9:52 pm

Name: Andrew

Vehicle: 1980 Ford escort RS2000

Engine: 2L Pinto (standard)

Injection: Single throttle body, using Ford Sierra manifold and Holden Camira sensors / throttle body

Description: The car is running well with a smooth idle. Only thing left to do is install a fast idle solenoid as at the moment it won't idle for about 3 mins when cold. I tuned mostly using MSTweak, which i think is a great program - made life very easy. I am yet to take any fuel consumption figures, but given that it used to run very rich i think there will be a big improvement. Overall the proscess was a lot simpler than i was expecting, went in without a hitch.

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