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71 Dodge Demon 408ci on MS2

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 7:03 am
by dustbull70
Hello Everyone,

Its been three years in the making (and two different cars-one got totaled by another driver...but that's another story) I finally got the car to run on fuel injection. Im hoping to put twin turbos one day in the near future, but for now im trying to drive it around and dial in the tune. Right now im running fuel only, not sure if itll stay that way.

Some Specs:
408 small block (75' 360ci block)
Forged pistons 10:1 compression
Edelbrock aluminum heads
Big cam, Roller Rockers/lifters
Single plane Edelbrock intake

52lb/hr injectors-multiport setup
Walbro fuel pump
AEM (w/ boost reference) Regulator
90mm throttle body

Mallroy Hyfire optical distributor
6AL Ignition box