Dodge Neon

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Dodge Neon

Post by njansenv » Thu Nov 04, 2004 8:49 am

Well, I MS'ed a 2.4 Neon successfully. No issues at all, currently running with the EDIS6-8 rpm input modification and using the factory tach out. MAPdot code and a fuel filter inline.

Details: 2.4 (PT Cruiser) engine with .394 lift 268 duration cams (Intake and exhaust). 10.8:1ish compression, ported head,
24lb injectors, otherwise stock fueling.

Req Fuel: 15.8
Coldstart: 12ms
Hotstart: 4ms
ASE: 55%, length: 250 cycles
TE-WB feedback.
Sensors: GM coolant sensors for both IAT and CLT (I had two lying around) The GM sensor fits the stock location of the Neon sensor perfectly.

Goals: 210whp on the motor.
The drivability of MS compared to the stock ECU (with fairly different than stock motor) is night and day, even with a quick initial tune.

Nathan JansenvanDoorn
Hamilton, Ontario
MSed (MSnExtra Code) 2.4L Neon w/TE-WBO2

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