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Basil Daham, 1993 Audi 100

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2004 12:19 pm
by jassem99
Name: Basil Daham
Vehicle: 1993 Audi 100
Engine: 2 litre 8 valve 4 cylinder naturally aspirated, totally stock
Injection: Port injection, 197 cc/min Bosch injectors, original CIS injector inserts used but CIS O-rings were installed on Bosch EFI injector.
Description: Totally stock car. Originally CIS-E, but too much black magic involved in diagnosing CIS-E problems, hence the conversion to EFI. Ignition and idle control taken care of by the original ECU. Air flow sensor had to be retained in order to provide the original ECU with load signal for idle control and ignition advance.

As for attached MSQ, MSTweak was a great help in getting 14.5 AFR during most driving conditions. AFR ~13.5 at WOT and 16 at 2000-3000rpm cruising speeds. Running open loop without catalyst. Tuned with techedge wideband. Engine is identical to VW 2.0-8v so map should work there too.