mk2 golf gti 16v turbo technics /megasqirt

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mk2 golf gti 16v turbo technics /megasqirt

Post by boostmin » Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:09 am

the golf has been a project for a while now but its hit the road , pure street sleeper , but a hybrid of a car , :yeah!:

1990 mk2 golf gti 4 door FWD
standard body but 17" wheels/coil-overs etc
280mm g60 discs with audi S2 twin pot calipers :RTFM:
239 drilled/groved rear setup

1781cc KR engine with 1mm overbore ,new shells .pump etc
double head gaskets ,gas flowed head /knife ended ports 16v head ,
abf inlet with modifyed fuel rail,375cc nissan injectors,3bar fuel w/rising ,EDIS coil pack/sensor /module 36-1 trigger,2.5 inch alloy boost pipes ,
massive front mounted cooler (bigger than rallye)turbo technics cast manifold with t25 turbo
sealed in cone air filter ,2.5 inch straight thro exhaust with jetex back box .. running megasquirt 1 v2.2 with o29y4 code ,
running 14.6 PSI , starts and drivable in 20-30 secons >>>>>>>>>>>>>> ????? wicked
CAR drives like a true sleeper as long as u dont go more than 1/4 throttle and 4000rpm
cums on boost hard n has battled with fast cars and drove away with it in
the bag i guess around 250hp guesstemit cant be a ball hair either way :D
gettin there.JPG
did 1500 mls now at 14.6 psi its pure wicked

STD 8v gti box n clutch just now lol ,,,,,,,,,,, its amazing me how cause it spins 2nd gear dry n 4th wet road :evil:
n i drive hard !!!!!

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