Microsquirt GSXR1000 turbo in a Jetta

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Microsquirt GSXR1000 turbo in a Jetta

Postby drewhastheinternet » Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:46 pm

Hows she goin'
I just wanted to show my latest megasquirt powered project!
I sold the 2.5l 5cyl I had installed in my mk4 and I needed to replace it with something to make the car driveable again. At the time the only good engine I had in my shop besides a mk2 1.6 diesel was a very low km 2005 gsxr1000 engine. I imagined shifting gears in the linear transmission of that suzuki engine and It did not take me long to begin fabricating the coupling shaft and engine frame! :lol:
Its running the latest Microsquirt
gsxr 1000 jetta.msq

So far I have 40-50h into the car
It runs ok, I still need to sort out part throttle cruising fuel, stalls when revved quickly from idle, and I am really flying blind with the ignition timing. After seeing the stock suzuki timing table I really think it needs more timing in the mid range. 70 degrees of advance just seems insane to me! :shock:
If any of you have any recommendations regarding the ignition table please feel free to let me know :)
These videos are in order from newest to oldest:
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