Rover V8 in Toyota Hilux

Toyota, Lexus.
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Rover V8 in Toyota Hilux

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No photos at the moment (it's not a pretty sight anyway) but I've just installed MS on a rusty shed a of a Hilux, thus quadrupling it's value.

- 198? Toyota Hilux Pickup
- Range Rover V8 3.5 EFi (flapper) setup
- Milner conversion kit to fit engine (not as fantastic as they'd have you believe)
- RR engine loom (slightly modified)
- Vauxhall Cavalier fuel pump.
- MegaSquirt V1.01 board, 250kPa MAP after someone got PCB cleaner in the original one :oops:
- Fuel only
- Code version - ??? think it's got the current standard (V3?) code in it.
- Tuning with MegaTune 2.25 on Panasonic CF-25 Toughbook as well as MegaView (both mine, not the vehicle owner's)

If people really want photos of this rusty death-trap abomination then please e-mail me.
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