2JZ-GE+t in S14 Nissan 240sx

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roto re me
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2JZ-GE+t in S14 Nissan 240sx

Post by roto re me » Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:34 pm

Hey guys i will try to update this as i go alog but here is what I have so far
the basics
1995 nissan 240sx
1993 lexus SE300 2jz-ge, i put a 1.5mm head gasket and arp head studs.
custom made intake manifold with precesion 1000cc injectors and AEM fuel pressure regulator
I am running the mitsu v6 coil packs "wasted spark" and running the mitsu ignitor
I am running a 7m-gte cps that i modded and cut 2 of the 24 teeth off the base wheel to get 12-1 and removed the other 2 tdc pickups to prevent any radio interferance..
I am running the ms1 extra code with a 2.2board and the *error daughter card for the VR input
the exhaust manifold is a e-bay special "ssautocrome/XS power" and modded it for a Tial V60 waste gate with a t4 .96ar divided ptrim and 72mm compressor.
precision 1000hp air to air IC

it took a while to figure out the CPS and make it actually work right but now the car runs pretty well.. still have some wiring to clean up and the car could use a paint job pretty badly.. I hope the car will eventually run 9.50's around 160mph or so in the 1/4... it should be fun
here are some pics of my progress.

a wiring mess but have no fear it will clean up nicely
more pics at my pbase page http://www.pbase.com/sam3481/1995_nissan_240sx&page=all
I will try to keep this updated when i can

volvo 244 MS extra 20psi +110shot no2 = 11.9@111mph <<<<sold
nissan 240sx +2jz+turbo+100shot no2 = ??? who knows but it should be fun

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Re: 2JZ-GE+t in S14 Nissan 240sx

Post by 240will » Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:58 pm

Real cool man. I'm gonna be doing the same thing in my s13. I use the car for drifting, I have been using a KA-T with MSII extra but I just picked up a 2jzge from a friend for a real good price. Its gonna be awhile before it goes in but it should be cool.

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Re: 2JZ-GE+t in S14 Nissan 240sx

Post by mihaicsv » Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:45 am

The engine in the pics is a 2jzgte (turbo).The n/a engine is 2jzge.Awesome project though.Who made the engine mounts?What gearbox did u use?

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