Supra MKIV twin turbo 1UZ V8+ MS

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Supra MKIV twin turbo 1UZ V8+ MS

Postby em_knaps » Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:16 pm

1993 Supra JZA80
UZZ30 Soarer V8 (1UZ-FE)

Megasquirt V3.0 board and MS1 chip
12:1 crank trigger
2 subaru coil packs
8 450cc Mitsi injectors
2 Chinese T3/T4 hybrids/2 Chinese 38mm wastegates
1 T56 Tremec 6spd Gearbox (holden commodore)

380RWHP 390ftlbs @ 7psi

After a few issues with high current injectors and an injector driver problem it is running nicely with a fair bit of grunt on tap,
12:1 crank wheel was created simply by removing a tooth from the 12 th crank wheel and completely removing the twin dizys and mounting a pair of coil packs on the inlet manifold.



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