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Porsche 914-4/2.0L

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 9:22 pm
by 3d914
Name: Gerard Rodriguez
Vehicle: 1974/Porsche/914-2.0L
Engine: 2.0 liters, Flat 4, Web#73 Cam
Injection: TBI, Injectors 380 cc/min (36.2 lb/hr), 3V, 0.15 mm ± 0.05 mm lift, Bosch TPS 0 280 122 001 (this is a counter-clockwise TPS) CW is available
Description: MAT & Cyl Head Sensors are all stock 2.0L with plenum & Aux Air Regulator. Engine develops 95HP at the wheels (@ 5200rpm) and torque is broad across the RPM range (2200-5000 rpm)
Ignition: Permatune CD with points. MS Tach signal is supplied from 50V (white) tach wire (not the green negative coil wire)
ECU & Relay boards are installed in trunk. This is an ideal location, but requires some consideration for heat. It’s less than the engine bay, but more than I would like. It also allowed me to locate all sensor and injector wiring along the back of the engine bay and off the engine. I’ll likely install an insulator (similar to the front of the bay) on the rear portion of the bay, or locate it inside the trunk under the carpet.