Ehrnst; E30 323 turbo

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Ehrnst; E30 323 turbo

Post by ehrnst » Sat Feb 09, 2008 12:04 pm

Got my megasquirted M20B23 tubo-covertet engine up and running a while a go.


m20b23 turbo
MS1 V3 MSnS High res
Delphi 440cc injectors
Locked/Dizzy distributor (VR)
Innovate LC-1

Car is running great at lower RPM's but struggeling to tune the whole table. Time for a dyno run.
Boosting around 10psi at the moment

Any one else running with a stock distributor or do all go for 60-2 and a coilpack?
Also struggeling with the stock tach, works on an off, ideas?
E30 323 Turbo

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Re: Ehrnst; E30 323 turbo

Post by wolfblind » Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:24 pm

Hi Ehrnst,

I have a BMW E30 M20B20 as well, and now it's turned to be a turbo-power car,
I also use Megasquirt, btw, I havent got any experience about it.

Could u send your map(msq file) for the start?
What kind of turbocharger do u have and how much boost?

I have low-impedance 440cc Toyota Supra Turbo injectors, any differences compared to your Delphi injectors?
How can u manage the idle without the BMW stock idle-motor? Are u using some kind of solenoid to manage it?

Many thanks in advance

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