Dan Wallace, 1986 Range Rover

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Dan Wallace, 1986 Range Rover

Post by v8bertha » Thu May 20, 2004 2:22 am

Vehicle: 1986 3.5 v8 EFi Range Rover :twisted:
Usage: My weekend off road toy 8)
Reason for Megasquirting: Lucas 4CU system was playing up. Cheaper to install MS than replace knackered Lucas bits.

I'm pretty good with a spanner and mechanical bits, but this electrickery is way beyond me, so hopefully you lot will be able to help me if I get any problems.

Big thanks to Dave Haynes and Jon Utteridge for helping with the install. :wink:
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1986 Range Rover 3.5 Megasquirt'd
1998 Defender 110 CSW Diseasel :(

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