Rover Mini with supercharged A-series

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Rover Mini with supercharged A-series

Post by supercharged cooper » Sat Aug 12, 2006 12:13 pm

It runs!!! (and goes like stink..............)

Name: Dale Goodchild

Vehicle: 1998 Rover Mini Cooper

Engine: 1293cc 4 cylinder A-Series, home made fuel injection setup, Eaton M45 supercharger

Injection: 52mm TB, 2x 440cc injectors, Very modified SU manifold with MAP/IAT and injector housing attached.

Description: Still not running perfectly, but passed its MOT first time this morning, happy with that! Some tweaking required!! :RTFM:

1293cc MPi block, Metro turbo box with 3.44:1 diff ratio, EDIs ignition and MS2 V3 PCB running V2.25, LC-1 controller and O2 sensor, 7x13's with Yoko tyres, custom exhaust manifold and pipe..................


Post by borrisl » Sun Dec 31, 2006 8:13 pm

I'd really like to see some pictures of your induction setup. I'm currently building a 125+HP 1275, turbocharged. I think I've got a winner of a setup up, but would like to see what others are using.

Project has taken me a year or so. Makeing the molds for all the carbon fiber parts. (Timing cover, valve cover, induction)

It also is DIS ignition, electric water pump, and 12 psi of boost.

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