1972 Land Rover 88" 3.9 V8

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1972 Land Rover 88" 3.9 V8

Post by stage1 » Tue Jan 08, 2008 1:00 pm

1972 Land Rover 88"
3.9 V8, 9.35:1 CR totally standard tune
MS1 Extra V3 and EDIS 8
8 port injectors, 4 injections/cycle, alternating
Bosch idle valve (sourced from a V12 BMW)
Narrow Band O2 sensor
MS supplied coolant, air temp sensors

First of all a huge thankyou has to go to Philip Ringwood at Extra EFI for supplying what turned out to be a 'plug and play' system! :D

Cheers Phil, you saved me a huge amount of time, and I would recommend anyone to go down this route for a guaranteed, tested MS unit.

I have no previous experience of tuning EFI systems and with only a basic knowledge of the workings of the old Lucas Hotwire setup, I was expecting many weeks of head scratching and much cursing!

I rebuilt the wiring loom for MS over Christmas break and after testing the EDIS 8 on the old Lucas injection - a noticeable improvement in idle quality already, she fired up instantly first time on MS.

Had chance to do a nearly 500 miles of datalogging runs over the past week and using Phil Tobins excellent MegaLogViewer I'm now getting somewhere near on the VE table, althoug it's a little hard to hit some low rpm areas with the autobox not having a manual lockout.

I'm extremely impressed with MS so far, throttle response is greatly improved over the stock system, particularly just off idle where Lucas used to hesitate. And the upper rev limits are reached far more readily. I'm running a ZF4 autobox and even the shifts seem smoother now. I'm going to have be careful on the road now, I can max out the speed rating on my off road tyres in 2nd gear! (not as impressive as it sounds - only 85mph, but plenty fast enough in an old Landy!!)

I still need to find the optimum after start/warm up settings as she took a couple of attempts to get going on her first sub-zero start this morning. I may have to lift the idle speed a little from the current 800rpm.

The MegaSquirt bug has definately bitten, and I'm now finding myself tweeking just for the sake of it!

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