Buell XB12R turbo

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Buell XB12R turbo

Post by terotin » Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:29 pm

Not mine, but i helped to get this thing running.
So, this is basically a HD odd-fire two cylinder 1203cc engine, with 45 deg cyl angle.

- MS2extra 2.1.0 release code, v3.57 board (not a smart choice on motorcycle, but..)
- 680cc hi-Z injectors
- 12-1 trigger wheel on camshaft, replacing stock wheel.
- BMW camshaft Hall-sensor
- oddfire small angle 315, set up as 2-cyl cop.
- boost control

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Re: Buell XB12R turbo

Post by carlosfandango » Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:57 am

Hi terotin, I am starting on a project involving a buell xb9r engine in a custom frame and intend to use the megasquirt on this (which I have had for a long while!). After refreshing what little I knew about the ms I had come to the conclusion that because the buell is odd-fire I would probably have to use an aftermarket ignition system such as the Ultima and just use the ms for injection. From what you have said here though this seems to be unnecessary...? I can easily replicate the trigger setup you have used for example.

Currently I do not have the MSII processor, but this is a lot more cost effective than the Ultima ignition if it's going to work.

My setup will be intended to get the motor running reliably and tractably, not to develop huge power. And I don't have a turbo either of course. But if you feel like providing some more details of your setup this would almost certainly help me enormously.


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