Craig Walker, ProStock Harley Davidson/Buell

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Craig Walker, ProStock Harley Davidson/Buell

Post by Guest » Thu Apr 29, 2004 6:00 pm

Name: Craig Walker

Vehicle: ProStock Harley Davidson/Buell

Engine: 160 cubic inch ProStock Harley Davidson/Buell. The motor is a 16.2:1, 9000-rpm 4-valve per cylinder V-twin with individual runners for each of the four intake valves.

Injection: Each runner has its own injector. We are using the Lectron carburetors converted to act as the throttle bodies. The MegaSquirt is a version 1 updated with later code to support alpha-N operation. The Ed, John and Wing modifications were required to obtain a tach signal from the Dyna 4000 ignition. The bike has been designed from the ground up for even fire operation (both pistons reach TDC at the same time), hence we didn't need the odd fire code.

Fremont Machine and Tool (Freemont, New Hampshire) made the hardware for the fuel plumbing, fuel rail and injector feeds and came up with a unique TPS to work with the four throttle body system. A big "thanks" goes to them as well.

Description: We have now successfully fired up and tuned the idle and enrichment on a 160 cubic inch ProStock Harley Davidson/Buell owned by Ed Ryan/Ryan Racing. The motor starts easier than it ever did with the multiple carb systems that have been tried (we've seen everything from 4bbl 1150 cfm Holley Dominators on tunnel rams to 4 individual Lectrons).

First let me start by saying thank you and "hat's off" to Bruce and Al. You guys are my heroes. Also, a big thank you to Eric Fahlgren. His software and support are what made the application easy to implement. Thanks to Steve Mullen for his help, research and suggestions.

The bike made a full pass on it's first attempt and right off the trailer ran an 8.30 @ 157. That's about one second and 25 mph slower than it needs to run to be competitive, but it is encouraging. Besides the fuel and ingnition tuning that has yet to be done, the bike and rider combo is about 80 lbs overweight and we don't even have shift points dialed in, launch rpm optimised, tire pressure dialed in, wheelie bar height base lines or any of the one hundered other variables in the chassis. The good news is the MegaSquirt has done it's job.

In closing, the info and suggestions from all who post and publish "help" documents has made this unit far more manageable than an off the shelf item with 9-5 EST telephone monkey support. Been there done that. We have a long way to go with this motorcycle, but the MegaSquirt has got us a lot closer to our goal.

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Post by larryc » Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:27 am

Very encouraging! Good luck with the setup and if possible, please follow up with your experience as you go.

Larry C

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Re: Craig Walker, ProStock Harley Davidson/Buell

Post by Smuffe » Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:35 am


I was wondering if you could help me with the ignition of Buell engine and Megasquirt. I have a second version Megasquirt (II) PCB 3.57 and I´m having troubles to figure out how to make the oddfire ignition work with MegaSquirt. In theory it should be able to guide one ignition directly and so on, but how I´m going to do the ignition with odd-fire v-twin? And what kind of trigger wheel should I have for it? :?:


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