1966 Datsun Fairlady (1600 Sports Convertible)

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1966 Datsun Fairlady (1600 Sports Convertible)

Post by Daryl » Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:36 pm

Thanks to Bruce, Al, Lance, Brent P, James, Phil R, Phil T, Scott, Jim, and I'm sure many others who have made this site the educational resource that it is.

I started on this project in 2004 with my main objective to just fuel inject the near stock 1600 and to easily pass the emmissions testing here in BC.

After reading up on EDIS ignition, I decided to go that route, with a MegaJolt, while building and collecting parts for the efi system.

Then a stroker motor somehow got built, and a 240SX 5 spd transmission with a diesel truck bellhousing was added to the project....
An electric fan...
Of course for all the extra electrics I had to upgrade to a modern GM alternator.....

Final result:

Megasquirt 1, 029v, 2.2 board. modified for Edis, fan control and constant baro correction.
1800 cc Nissan R engine (pushrod) with a G engine crankshaft
Homebuilt efi manifold (with a lot of help from my freinds)
Part of a Subaru Legacy intake air duct (90* section - drilled and tapped for GM IAT and air bypass)
17 lb/hr injectors from a 2L Zetec engine
Edis ignition
In tank Acura Integra fuel pump
Honda fuel pressure regulator
GM coolant sensor (new hole drilled and tapped into head under the thermostat)
Ported head with oversize valves
Custom 4-2-1 stainless header (someone elses problem [cracking] which I had fixed and seems to be working so far....)
2" exhaust

It still needs lots of tuning, both fuel and ignition, but it feels strong and was a blast :D to take out on a 4 hour tuning run yesterday....COLD weather!! Weather reports said about 2* C, but driving by all those frozen ponds out in the valley I highly doubt it was that warm!!! (we had no top OR heat!!!) :lol:

Further tuning will probably have to wait for March or April :cry: as I'm not so interested in freezing my bum off anymore! I know it works now, and works very well!

I plan to add dyno and milage results in this thread next year when I get some tuning and driving time in.

There are some pictures of my project (Daryl Smith) here:
http://www.311s.org/phpBB3/gallery/menu ... lbum_id=21

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Re: 1966 Datsun Fairlady (1600 Sports Convertible)

Post by Daryl » Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:44 pm

Four years later..........
I've just switched to MS2 Extra and LS2 truck coils in wasted spark.
Had the car out for a 4 hour tuning run today and it is running quite well. Cold Start and accel enrch. need work but that will come. Car runs well, but will have to get to a dyno to get the timing dialed in.

Had some trouble with the crank signal, and thought I'd sorted it with the settings, but still not quite right. Reversed the wiring on the VR sensor and got rid of the sync losses, and worked with the correct settings!

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