87 Nissan 200SX, SR20DE+T, MS1-Extra

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Re: 87 Nissan 200SX, SR20DE+T, MS1-Extra

Post by seishuku » Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:46 pm

A little upgrade... From MS1 to MS2, so far it's pretty nice... AFRs are much more stable now, idle doesn't hunt as much, no idle burble.
Overall runs MUCH better, handles my 528CC injectors way better.

And since I have that now, I made a mod to the firmware to support my SPI (serial) LED display:

I have it set up so I can change the displayed value is RPM, MAP, MAT, CLT, AFR (shown), BAT, or ignition advance.
The nice thing is that it's driven directly by MS2 processor, and doesn't suck up the serial connection like "MegaView".
IMO this is what MegaView really should have been, so much better, and could be a multi-line SPI LCD display too and have more info.

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