1996 Miata 1.8L MSPNP

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1996 Miata 1.8L MSPNP

Post by cantrade » Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:53 am

I recently installed a MSPNP 96/97 that I purchased from DIY AutoTune. I also removed the stock O2 sensors and the MAF. I installed a WB02 sensor and controller to supply O2 info. to the ECU and to a digital readout gauge. A GM IAT rounds out the equipment. The engine fired the first try and every time since then. Everything seems to work very well and I have been playing around with MegaTune but have not completely tuned the entire spectrum yet.

I have not quite figured out the Baro correction routine yet. (I am at 7,000') but the system must do this automatically.

The plan is to tune for power so I will so some Butt Dyno runs then fine tune with a real dyno.

Pretty simple installation and the assembled kit made it a fast job.

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Re: 1996 Miata 1.8L MSPNP

Post by richyrocker » Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:20 am


Just a few quick questions concerning the 1.8 MSPNP megasquirt ECU .
I am no electronics whizz or really interested in spending heaps of money and time trying to squeeze as much power out my engine on Dynos and laptops etc , i am a old school mechanic that has built, restored and hot rodded a practical little morris van that i want to use as a everyday workhorse come street sleeper .
I obtained a what i think is a 1997 1.8 Bp mazda mx5 motor , loom, ecu , gearbox etc that i have installed into the morris van .
everything is plumbed in and wired in ...............except the engine will not fire , I have figured out that this model has a key transponder immobolizer that sends a signal to the ECU before the engine will start . I have all the original Ignition key and lock with the antenna coil and transponder amp etc , but no knowledge how or where the 4 wires from the amplifier box connects into the loom and ecu. Also no one has the information , and after 6 months im just about beat.

I have been pointed towards a megasquirt , plug n play ecu , the MSPNP .

I need to know how simple this ECU is to install and use ? , can i just plug it straight in to my existing wiring loom ? does the kit come with a detailed wiring diagram in case i need to scratch build a new loom .
Does the MSPNP really need lots of fine tuning on dynos and the use of special computer software to see whats going on ?
I do have a laptop , but not the Mazda Diagnostic computer , so can i plug my laptop straight into the Megasquirt if needed to change settings etc .
sorry for all the Questions , but this is borderline rocket science to this ole Carbs and points mechanic .
Appreciate any info , help .
Best Wishs

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