Russ D, 1990 Mazda B2200

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Russ D, 1990 Mazda B2200

Post by Russ-D » Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:28 pm

Name: Russ D
Vehicle: 1990 Mazda B2200
Engine: 2.0l japanese exchange engine
Injection: CBR 600 F4i ITB's, custom intake, B2600i in tank pump
Description: My truck is lower than most people's photoshops. SOON: Toyota spindles and axle swap, Magnum head with 282 BlazeSpeed cam, custom airbox with hood vent.

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Re: Russ D, 1990 Mazda B2200

Post by briankmizell » Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:54 pm

hello russ, I have some questions to ask you. If you would rather me comunicate with you through email or persanal messages I can do that. Just let me know.

I have a 1989 B2200 that was carbed, I have put all the parts from a 1993 EFI B2200 on my truck. I am using MS2 v3.57, it has the mod to run directly a driven coil
(I am using the MSD Blaster2) and the stock Hall effect B2200 distributor. It's a naturaly aspirated engine.

I need some direction setting up the config for my MS2, I keep reading and reading the megamanual, and many other pages on the site. But it seems I keep reading in circles
and I am not getting anywhere. What I do have set up is my IAT, CLT sensors, the MPX4250 MAP sensor, and the required fuel for my engine (well part of the required fuel).

I am using Tuner Studio, but if I have to I can use MegaTune.

I'll start of withe the questions.

1. Req_fuel........below in bold type is what I have set, tell me if it needs to be corrected.

Control algorithm percent baro this one & injector staging are 2 I am really not sure about.
Squirts/engine cycle 2
Injector staging alternating
Engine stroke 4
Number cylinders 4
Injector port type Port Injection
Number of Injectors 4
Engine type even fire

2. More engine constants.....

I have no idea of what I need to do here?

3. injector staging......

3-a. My injector's read 6.04 ohms with 12.75v going through them. the manual says if they read 10 ohms or more to set one way, and if they read 4 ohms or less to set another. Since mine read somewhere in the middle, which should I choose?

3-b. Also should I choose to turn on specific bank 2 setting? All my injectors are the same 270cc output

4. Tach input settings?

4-a. Spark mode basic trigger Do I choose basic trigger or trigger return for a Hall effect distributor.
4-b. Trigger angle/offset(degree) since my timing is set at 6 dgrees BTDCI though thasts what this should be set at, ist that correct?
4-c. Angle between main and return(degree) 50.0
4-d. Ignition input capture falling edge
4-e. spark output going high inverted
4-f. spark out put D14

heck I could go on and on here, if you think that your MSQ will help me get a base setup (besides the fact yours is a 2.0 turbo and mine is a 2.2 NA) could you send it to me at

Thanks in advance,

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