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Lacia Beta Coupe 2.0 ITB

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:36 am
by yotam106gti
Car: Lancia Beta Coupe
MS: 1 V3
Code: Ms-Extra 029T Code
Ignition System: 306 Coilpack Wasted Spark
Crank Sensor: Vw/Audi Petrol VR SEnsor
Trigger: Vw/audi 60-2 mounted on Engine Pulley
Injectors: 280CC of Vw G60 engine
ITB's: Suzuki Haybusa 46MM Throttle Bodies
WideBand: Innovate Motorsports Lc-1
Wideband Gauge: Vei Systems AFR gauge
Fully Custemed Wiring harness from scratch.


Re: Lacia Beta Coupe 2.0 ITB

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:52 am
by alfatodd
Hello Yotam!

Do you remember setting this up 2 years ago? I like your good ideas. I like the custom intake using four cone filters in a box - great flow and very simple concept. Fr ignition, I don't know if wasted spark is the best or easiest to implement, and not sure why you did it. How is your spark generated - if the engine uses standard 4 window hall sensor in distributor, then it would be very straight forward to use the unit to generate timing based on the hall input and just redistribute spark via distributo cap and rotor - eg. no real change there, and MS would simply regulate the timing advance. Any details would help because I am getting ready to setup my 1982 Beta 2.0 (USA).

Thank you,