Alessandro Quartarone, FIAT UNO FIRE 1.0L TBI

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Alessandro Quartarone, FIAT UNO FIRE 1.0L TBI

Post by motorpervert » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:07 am

This is my first attempt to megasquirt something, it was a fast but cool experience. Fast because my dad needed this car the day after, cool because despite some initial troubles (and persistent lack of care) the car runs pretty good, with all the walloping 40Hp (i think), and... yes it's 100% stock.
My intent was testing my MSII and figuring what programming a blank ecu means. Oddly my VR circuit didn't work at all, probably due to my poor soldering on the transistor pins, but apparently there are no shorts, considering that testing the ecu means involving the ingnition management as well, so the optocoupler input is not a suitable for me, i decided to use a hall sensor from a pc fan, those sensors are latch type and require both N and S pole from the magnet so a windowed wheel is not suitable, i needed the magnets directly on the crank wheel, after trying to make a 4 -1 tooth wheel failing miserably i made a basic trigger with two harddisk magnets stuck on a plate from a heatsink of a crappy stereo, YOU MUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE PHOTO, and i finally made the "sensor assembly" with a nice connector. Everything runs good and amazingly the car started at first attempt IDLING :yeah!: with just the MAP multiply and a flat map. My homemade strobogun didn't worked that day so after driving home with something like 28 degrees more than needed (hearing knock when pushing the pedal) i borrowed a USAG strobogun and regulated the ignition offset (map was already made from a chart i have found). Sadly the autotune in MSextra 2.1.0 don't work and i waited for my "motor friend" to have some free time.
Now the car works fine, just the idle is a bit messy because i need to go to the junkyard and find a bypass valve, but right now the over run fuel cut makes the job, and gives a racing touch with it's wro-wro-wro-wro-wro :mrgreen:

Waiting to make a turbo bike, thanks to all the megasquirt developers
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