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1978 Ctiroen GS Turbo

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:01 am
by em_knaps
NAME: Daniel Lucas

CAR: 1978 Citroen GS

ENGINE:1983 Citroen GSA 1300cc and 5spd box
(air cooled 4cyl boxer ohc very nice standard ports with 35mm exhaust and 40mm inlet valves,8.7:1 compression)

1 garret T25 turbo from 300ZX Nissan
Clutch upgraded from 600kg to 1000kg pressure plate,
"swaggle"? clutch plate

Modified inlet manifold for injectors/fuel rails.
12-1 tooth wheel machined into flywheel where diagnostic TDC sensor was.

Subaru coil pack and ignitor.

High ohm 214cc injectors form a ford.
Undecided on whether to use a LM1815 with a V2.2 or a V3 board.
all depends on how well the LM1815 works with the flywheel trigger

270mm vented front brake rotors from ive no idea what but it was citroen of some kinda. perhaps an MEP2?





Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:35 am
by em_knaps

After binning the citroen's oem ver sensor and replacing it with a speed sensor form a toyota auto trans.
it actualy fired
wouldnt run tho, so i installed the original dizzy to get it running so i could se what was going on...

RPM was all over the place so after some adjusting of the pots on the V3.0 VR rectifier it settled down

about 9 turns clockwise on R56

pulled the dizzy out and put the leads back in the coil pack and hey presto.........

all there is left to do now is,


Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:38 pm
by em_knaps
A much nicer level of tune, runs on the map i made in megatune,

little rich but otherwise very nice,
its so good to have something to start tuning from thats nearly spot on.
still havnt got any of the turbo cold side hooked up,
still not sure if water/air is the way to go.

very responsive
perhaps t/b is a little big as you can bounce it off the 6500rpm limiter with 1/4 throttle...

hope to drive it soon.

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:50 pm
by em_knaps
Im guessing this can be moved to the success section now.

here are the latest mods:

upsidedown subaru water:air intercooler with an evo something BOV tiged onto the front-

2inch stainless intercooler piping with radiator hose to connect-



Vids of 10psi action.

Dyno run:

118hp 6500rpm

approx 100 ftlbs from 3500-6000rpm

im unsure just how long an air cooled engine can put up with the extra heat but im guessing ill find out..
will buy some expensive synthetic engine oil which i think will help.

datalog sugests constant cyl head temp of around 60deg C.
will see what happens when the front panels restrict air flow around the engine.

it runs so nice on a map that megatune generated with very nice coloured plugs.

next is to install the LC1 i bought a few months ago and actually tune it before i melt things with my laps around the block.

Cheers to the Bowling and Grippo duo whom without id have to find some other way of entertaining myself.

and also thanks to the MSnSE wizards for the toothed wheel decoder code and associated mods which have operated faultlessly thus far.

things still left to do: everything......


Re: 1978 Ctiroen GS Turbo

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:36 pm
by em_knaps
Have been Daily driving the car for a few months now...

engine bay is a fair bit tidier--


i even took it to a car show, was a classic car and hotrod show so was a little out of place with all the american and australia muscle cars around.
but i found a park next to my mates rotary powered escort.


have perhaps downgraded from a MS1 V3.0 to a V2.2 with a LM1815 VR rectifier.
I wanted to use the V3.0 to control some large injectors on my next project.--


thanks to all who encouraged and discouraged me during this project.
i will continue to post as the HP and speed of this peculiar little froggy increases.