91 Sidekick TBI

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91 Sidekick TBI

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Does anyone have any begining data to use
for idling ? ( Injectors flow values)
data for my Single TBI injector. just to get a good idle and Duty cycle.
MS2 std code, relay box , conn. to alt. harness to stock sensors.

Id like to have good starting values or have someone else how as done this car. 1.6L 8valve, G16B engine by Suzuki.

I am using all the stock sensors, no changes (save MAP MS2 internal).
I measured them all.
Hall sensor in DIZZY
Direct drive on Coil.
stock Fidle valve (wax type)

I have not fired it up, I am building now.
read every book, every mod file. all.

I will post all my data when I get it all done and completely tuned.

thank you for any help.
squirting a sidekick 91
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