Mitsubishi 6G72 SOHC 1992 V6 3.0 Pajero (Montero, Shogun etc

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Mitsubishi 6G72 SOHC 1992 V6 3.0 Pajero (Montero, Shogun etc

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Ground up install, completely new wiring loom.
Using factory dizzy/cas , TPS, Colant Temp and ignitor/coil

The ECU is a V3 running a MS1 and the extra code, full spark/fuel
The Mitzy ignitor is directly driven from output D14 via a 300 ohm resistor.

The CAS is connected directly to X1 on the opto input, and a 270 ohm resistor from the 5v rail to the positive side of the LED (will change to the 12v rail, as possible source of noise on the 5V system)

Engine fired first time, using the fuel map as generated by megatune (input 168 ft pds tourqe at 2500 rpm and 142 hp at 5000 rpm) and factory injector sizes at 210cc min.

Running 2 squirts per cycle, alternating as only other options with a 6 cylinder is 3 squirts simultaneous (very noisey at idle) or 6 squirts per cycle (too fast)

Ignition map generated using an excell spread sheet, 15 deg initial, 30 max.

Tuning still to be done, but engine is very driveable out of the box :D

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