89 Suzuki Swift Gt Turbo

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89 Suzuki Swift Gt Turbo

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I have a 89 Swift gt that i have had running for a little bit now. Im Running a 65trim masterpower turbo. I have it set at 8 psi but spikes to 20psi in 3rd gear. Im going to be taking care of that problem as soon as i can get the cars tune straightened out. I have a MS2 with 3.57 board. Im not familiar with these units or tuning on my own for the most part. I can take fuel out here and and there but am not too confident yet. I had it tuned at a local dyno and the car ran great but didnt idle well. I have 440cc injectors in this 1.3dohc motor that is running stock 10:1 bottomend. The problem I am having has me lost. It ran great for about a month but then all of a sudden went from running about a 12.5afr about all the time(I know pretty rich) to running between a 9-10afr. I think it might be running richer but the lc1 might not be reading. Then after i pulled fuel back and got it running about right it went back to where i had to load the dyno tune back in. Drove for about a day that way and then bam extremely rich again. I have checked and all of my connections are good, injectors are clean, got good sparck. So now I am lost and comming on here for guidence. I have the stock map sensor that came in the computer which I think was good for 22psi and I thought that might be it but it seems to be reading right. Im not familiar with the settings on the ms so i just have the basics in and the wideband isnt hooked up to the computer. I have everything grounded well but that didnt make a difference. I am not really too sure on what else to do and have considered taking it to a shop but sadly i was layed off in december and cant afford to take it to one. Ant help would be appreciated. I am in the Lakeland,FL area if anyone is around here that could come take a look. Thanks Stephen
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Re: 89 Suzuki Swift Gt Turbo

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Congratulations on your ride. To get assistance, you'll have better luck at msefi.com
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