Ford Essex V4

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Ford Essex V4

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Hi all

Just joined the forum & looking for any advice for a beginner...

Our engine of choice is a 1969 Ford Essex V4 2.0GT

We know its a bit old fashioned, and not very powerful for its weight etc., but that's the point!

It's going into a 1962 Triumph Herald Convertible custom project

Initial thoughts are an EDIS4 for the ignition, so we need an MSII...

We're toying with the idea of a small supercharger, so presume that would se a single throttle body and injector?

If not, then we may go for four small bodies and injectors, more for show appeal than necessity

Anybody out there ever tried one of these engines or similar?

MicroSquirt seems a safe bet (pre-assembled etc) but is there any advantage in doing the build ourselves?

Craig & Baz (UK)
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