1985 S123 240TD with 560 engine

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1985 S123 240TD with 560 engine

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I am finally finished installing MegaSquirt II on my M117 560 engine.

This is the european high compression engine with 300hp. MSII is at the moment running fuel only.

I bought fuel rails from superiordesignconcepts.com and used the measurements from here: http://www.hitechengineering.net/DNN/Me ... fault.aspx

A norwegian firm called Tess made fuel hoses for me that connects to the stock MB fuel line fittings in one end and to 6 AN couplings on the other. I bought AN couplings, hoses and fuel pressure regulator from Summins and Innovate LC1 and the ECU with relay board from DIYautotune.

I couldn't get the original idle air valve to work with MSII, so I just adjusted the throttle plate so that it is a little open. The engine idles a little low when cold and around 900 rpm when warm. This works just fine for me.

Right now I am working on the map.

Not everything was in place here, but you get the general idea:

Alexander Nygård
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