1986 Toyota MR2 - DIYPNP

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1986 Toyota MR2 - DIYPNP

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This is the DIYAutoTune.com shop '86 MR2. Runs all stock ignition components, full wiring harness uncut. It has been turbocharged so we've deleted the AFM and swapped in a GM IAT sensor, as well as upgraded the injectors to 440cc 7M Supra injectors.

Runs better than ever. We're controlling the boost as well using a GM Boost Control Solenoid that's been in the car for ages (used to use it with MS1E before the DIYPNP was available).

Everything you'd need to duplicate our install is here: http://diyautotune.com/diypnp/apps/n42/ ... ge-mt.html

That includes full pinout info, sensor calibration info, and a startup .msq file to get you up and running in no time.

More DIYPNP installs are being documented all the time-- list here: http://diyautotune.com/diypnp/models.html
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