1994 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra - ms2 3.0.3t

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1994 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra - ms2 3.0.3t

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Fuel only for now, but the rpm signal is coming form the crank and cam angle sensors which are:

dual wheel
12 teeth on first one, rising edge - every crank
and one every cam - rising edge.

box is a 3.0 ms2 with zeal dual VR board (the ground jumper to a resistor is installed for both vr1 and vr2)

driving stock injectors with two channels. stock ecu is present for timing control, and all the other stuff that it handles (tach, idle, etc)

using stock CLT sensor (no bias resistor on the mainboard) and stock IAT for now, switching to open GM iat once that is delivered, it will go into the aluminum EGR block off plate on the back side of the manifold.

haven't tested the ignition yet, but it should work. stock ecu sends a 5v square wave to trigger the ignitor.

using zt2 wideband for now, until lc1 gets here, i don't trust zt2 all that much.
turbo 04 se-r specv, my ecu is on crack
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