Lou Lazo, 1976 BMW 530i 4 speed

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Lou Lazo, 1976 BMW 530i 4 speed

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Name: Lou Lazo

Vehicle: 1976 BMW 530i 4 speed

Engine: BMW M30 3.0L 6 Cylinder SOHC US spec engine, thermal
reactors replaced with Bavaria exhaust manifolds, and Petronix
Ignitor instead of points.

Injection: Low-Z Bosch Ljet with resistors, all stock

Description: Description: V2.2 board modified to provide +12V at fuel pump output to drive Ljet combo relay directly (thanks Peter F.) I removed the pin header from an '82 528 ECU and used it to make the pig tail.

I'm using the air sensor in the AFM and original coolant sensor.

Idle is a lttle rough but getting better. Tuning took an afternoon and four progressively longer and more spirited logging runs. (MegaTweek is a great tool.) The acceleration is fantastic and cruising is smooth. It may just be my imagination, but the engine is quieter, based on the radio volume setting now lower at cruise.

This was a clean, well running car before MegaSquirt, it's a monster now! More fine-tuning to come.

Thanks to all who provided input and advice!
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Re: Lou Lazo, 1976 BMW 530i 4 speed

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Could you show me your mega files :)
I´m interested of VE and Spark maps
Thank you
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